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What is the DTT Forum


The structure of DTT Forum consists of the Council of DTT Forum, which is composed of the representatives of the Council of Ministers (the Ministry of Communications and Traffic) and Communications Regulatory Agency, the Secretariat of DTT Forum, and an expert working group specialized for technological, socio-economic, programming, and legal issues, through which work will be conducted on the planning and realization of necessary steps for the path of Bosnia and Herzegovina towards a new digital era of radio and television broadcasting.

Working Groups:

1. WG1 - Regulation

2. WG2 -Programming

3. WG3 - Technology

4. WG4 - Promotion

5. WG5 - Social and economic aspects

In the second half of 2007, the Secretariat of DTT Forum started with its operations, and the first meetings of the Council of the DTT Forum have been held in September, when a round table “Digital Broadcasting in Bosnia and Herzegovina”, attended by a large number of stakeholders, has been held.

On the basis of the expert discussions and conclusions, the Forum is expected to propose a final date for the termination of the analogue television in Bosnia and Herzegovina, set a transition period, educate the public, and contribute to the harmonization of regulations that will follow the process of introducing digital television in Bosnia and Herzegovina. In addition, it is the task of the Forum to define and advise on technical aspects of introducing digital television, as well as to analyze social and economic aspects of introducing digital terrestrial television in Bosnia and Herzegovina.


Osnovni zadaci DTT FORUMA su:

  • Develop a strategy for digital TV in Bosnia and Herzegovina;
  • Stvaranje potrebne regulative za DTT;
  • Technical realization of DTT ;
  • Set up program content and services ;
  • The economic effects of introducing DTT ;
  • Promotion and presentation of DTT Forum;
  • The establishing of a deadline for switchover from analogue to digital television.

The DTT Forum Secretariat stands at your disposal for any enquires you may have; you can contact us via email: dttforum@rak.ba. We welcome all your suggestions and feedback.

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