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What is required

Which Equipment Is Necessary for the Switch-Over to Digital Broadcasting?

  • Set top boxA decoder (set-top box), for the conversion of digital signal to analogue for the existing analogue TV sets. The viewers will have the opportunity to use the majority of additional features of digital transmissions, including a sharper picture and better reception in areas with adequate infrastructure. However, a decoder alone will not enable the watching of high definition image (HDTV).
  • The existing antennas for the reception of analogue terrestrial signal will be sufficient for the reception of digital terrestrial signal, as long as they have been maintained in good condition.
  • IDTVHD Ready A TV set labeled „HD Ready“ is able to accept and display high definition signal at 720 1080i, or 1080p using a component video or digital input. It is important to underline that the label „HD ready“ does not imply the displaying of full image resolution of HDTV transmitters (1080 p; often labeled as „full HD“). The majority of “HD ready” receivers have a matrix of the TV screen that does not have sufficient resolution for the displaying of 1080p signal. The result is an interpolation of the image into a smaller resolution that the device can display. The devices with the sign „HD Ready“ can display an image with a resolution of 720p and 1080i.

hd readyHD Ready proposed by the EICTA (European Information Communications and Consumer Electronics Technology Industry Associations) qualifies equipment that receives and processes high definition television signals and defines minimal technical preconditions for the displaying of image.

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