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Why in BiH

digitalThe Introduction of digital TV in Bosnia and Herzegovina and a period for switchover from analogue to digital terrestrial broadcast is obligatory for Bosnia and Herzegovina, and it needs to be harmonized with effective international agreements in this area.

  • In the period from the 15th to the 16 of June 2006, in Geneva, Switzerland, a Regional Radio-communication Conference (RRC-06), with the aim of establishing a new international agreement and an associated frequency plan for digital broadcasting (T-DAB and DVB-T), has been held;
  • The conference has been organized by the International Telecommunications Union, at the initiative of European countries;
  • At the RRC-06 Conference, the Final Acts have been adopted with a new agreement Geneva 2006-(GE06), which enables the introduction of complete digital broadcasting in the planning zone.
  • The regional agreement marks the beginning of the end of analogue broadcasting.

What is the purpose of Introducing DTT

In addition to increasing the frequency resources that have been allocated to Bosnia and Herzegovina, digitalization offers possibilities for a better use of the frequency spectrum, meaning more channels and more programs per channel.

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